Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Project #1 Final

Project #1 Part B

Photos of maquette
John Mischief is his name, along with the John Brothers on his antlers. after reading the books, he seem very sly, i wanted him to have a more agile body i thought a merekat or antelope would fit instead of a fawn(pan's labyrinth), or any other man/goat/deer creature.

He is pointing for a reason. The scene from the book is when he is telling the protagonist what her first obstacles is and what she has to do.
the final is coming soon!!

Project #1 Part A

My first project I chose one of my favorite books the Abarat by Clive Barker, to illustrate a scene, as if it was for lighting it as a movie. Last year I started a character design from the same book and i took what i had and finalize the character design. made a maquette. I posted some of my research (i love research) and process work.
it won't let me post the research photos i gathered but here are some old sketches of the character.

my car was broken into this past weekend and my bag was stolen, luckily some neighbors down the street found my bag. They told me that everything was all over the place but it was all there, except my most recent sketchbook. I did not realize how personal sketchbooks are until you lose one. All my finalized sketches for the mocket were in the sketchbook that was ipod was in there, why didn't they take that and not my sketchbook?